A Book Review by Sofia: Percy Jackson – The Mark of Athena by Riordan

Percy Jackson-The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
Review by Sofia

The Mark of Athena is an action-packed, exciting read. If you like Harry Potter, you will like the Percy Jackson series. The series are about Greek and Roman mythology, but with a modern twist.

The theme of The Mark of Athena is friendship and trust, as the main characters have to work together to fight the Earth Mother, Gaea. Gaea is no Mother Nature. She is evil, and her children, the Giants are evil, too. The main character is Annabeth, and she is the daughter of Athena, a goddess. Athena told Annabeth, “ Follow the Mark of Athena. Avenge me.” She must go on a quest to find a sacred statue of her mother. Meanwhile, the other main character, Percy Jackson, leads another quest to open the Doors of Death. If they open the Doors, monsters that they defeat will go back to the Underworld, and they won’t re-form again. The problem is, Gaea’s army is guarding the Doors. Can they open the Doors of Death? Will Annabeth survive her quest?

I liked The Mark of Athena because it is greatly exciting and will keep the reader busy for hours. The storyline is interesting and well-thought out. I recommend this book for middle school kids to adults. I hope you read The Mark of Athena!

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