A Book Review by Elle: Big Game by Stuart Gibbs

Big Game by Stuart Gibbs
A Book Review by Elle Hayes

Big Game is a book about a 13 year old named Teddy who solves mysteries. He lives in a popular zoo in Texas called FunJungle with his mom, a gorilla researcher, and his dad, an animal photographer. Someone tries to shoot at one of their rhinos, and it is Teddy’s job to investigate and solve the case with the owner of the zoo’s daughter, Summer.

I liked this book because it has mystery and action in it and this book has a lot of detail. I also like animals and the book takes place in a zoo.

This book is long, so if you don’t like reading long books I don’t recommend it for you. But if you like reading books often, I suggest this book! Also, if you like solving mysteries, this book is perfect for you!

One phrase that goes with the overview of the story is, “I was helping walk the elephants when we all heard the rifle go off,” found on page 1.




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