Counting by 7s: A Book Review by Reagan

Counting By 7’s

By Holly Goldberg Sloan


Counting by 7’s by Holly Goldberg Sloan is a book about a girl named Willow who is 12. Willow isn’t like a typical tween, she is a genious who is obsessed with a lot of things. Willow likes to do things on her own because she doesn’t reall have a family to talk because she is adopted. Willow went thorugh a tough time after her parents died in a tragic car accident. It left her in distraught. Willow had to learn how to cheer her up. She doesn’t really have a strong relationship with her parents so she likes to keep to herself. Willow is very obsessed with nature and learning about bad conditions that people have. You have to find out the great thing that happens in the end of the book. It has something to do with her family.
I really like Counting by 7’s because it kinda relates to me. The reason why it relates to me is because I am 12 and I like to do things on my own like Willow. Another reason why I like the book is because it has action and I really like stories with action. I like how you can get different emotions by reading one story. You can feel happy, sad,amazed, surprised and I really like that about the book. I really like the style of the story and what it’s about. The last reason why I really liked Counting by 7’s was because it is very inspiring. It inspires you to just appreciate what you have and to not take life for granted.
I would recommend this story to people who like a lot of action and sadness. The book isn’t very sad but it can make you pretty emotional. I would also recommend the story to people who like surprises. The reason why is because there is a surprise at the end of the story in Counting by 7’s. I would also recommend this story to people who like fairly long but pretty short books. The last reason why I would recommend Counting by 7’s is to people who really like plot twists. There is a pretty big plot twist in the story.
A quote or phrase that I really liked was “The ability to keep your mouth shut is usually a sign of intelligence.” I really liked that quote was because I like how it talks about intelligence. Another reason I liked it was because it talked about having a closed mouth and usually people think when you have a closed mouth thinks that there is something wrong, but in this case it was good to have a closed mouth.

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