Fluff Dragon: A Book Review by Alastair

Fluff Dragon

By Platte F. Clark

Review By Alastair
The book “Fluff Dragon” by Platte F. Clark begins where Bad Unicorn ended. Max, Sarah, Dirk and Dwight defeated Robo-Princess in the future and saved the human race. However, they were still trapped in the future. In this book, Max and his friends meet Obsikar the Dragon King. In exchange for sending them to the present day Magrus, they must save the dragon race by defeating Rezormoor Dreadbringer.
Obsikar sent them to the Magrus where they landed in an Orc camp. Max is ordered to make Orc mittens to save his friends from becoming dinner. Max recovers the Codex he lost in the first book but it is acting strangely. At the camp Max meets Puff a fluff dragon who appears that way because his dragon scales were turned inside out. Meanwhile, Rezormoor Dreadbringer has captured Ricky the Kraken and ordered him to capture all fluff dragons. There is a reason for his madness. Rezormoor has a side deal with the powerful Guild of Toupee Makers to gather fluff dragons to make toupees for vain sorcerers and wizards like himself.
Back at the camp, Max cannot get the Codex to work and tell him how to make mittens, so he and his friends are doomed. Instead, Max makes a daring escape and everyone, including Puff, escaped in search of the Ancient One. In another land, two fire kittens named Loki and Moki are on a quest to find Max and trade him in to Rezormoor for money. During their journey the are launched into the town of Oneg by Princess and were locked in a dungeon. There they befriend Tiny, a little giant who helps them escape after which they travel to the Guild of Indiscriminate Teleportation to travel to Shyr’el to find Max.
Max and his friends meet the Ancient One, Bellstro the good wizard, who explains how to fix the Codex by getting it to the Wizard’s Tower for a reset. Just when they were about to learn more about the book, they were attacked by Maelshadow’s fierce necromancer skeletons. Bellstro helped them fight the necromancers but they caught up with them and they almost got caught. Luckily, Dirk saved them by turning the forest into silver because he had secretly drunk one of Bellstro’s potions. Bellstro dies from the strain of the conflict and gave Max a list of the Codex 15 Prime Spells. Max and his friends are led by Dwight to the Dwarven Nation and the town of He’ilk. On the way there they got rest, food and supplies and saved some knights who were losing a dragon fight. They told the knights and the dragon about Obsikar and of the bleak future and take knights Prince Connall and his subordinate with them.
Meanwhile, the Kraken brought Rezormoor two fluff dragons. We also learn of Dreadbringer’s plans to corner the toupee business, fund his own army, break free from the Maelshadow and control all the realms. Rezormoor is also secretly killing regular dragons, too. He wants to fashion their serpent’s escutcheon into an indestructible armor, but he needs to obtain the Codex and Max to do it. Princess is still hunting Max as well.
Max and his friends meet and partner with Loki and Moki, just as they had planned. Dwight is caught and prosecuted for using a fake beard but escapes punishment by selling Max and the group out to the Dwarf King. Dwight restored his own honor by returning the Codex to the dwarfs and allows the Dwarf King to lock up the Codex in the dwarven vaults. The potion Dirk drank lets him conjures up an online game character Ratticus the Thief to help them steal the Codex back without Dwight’s knowledge. In the vault they encounter a probability lock which is a fake lock to trick the thief into thinking there is a pattern that doesn’t really exist. Moki’s empty mind helps them complete the task and Tiny the little giant helps them recover the Codex. During that adventure, the Dwarf King’s high mage turns into her aquatic from and slips away to tell Rezormoor about Max and the returned Codex. Meanwhile, Max and friends are on the run from the Dwarf King’s army who discovered the theft of the Codex. The escapees are confronted by Prince Connal’s dad, the Mor Luin King and Princess with Magar. Ultimately, Sarah saves the day by having Max discharge the dwarfs of their duty to guard the Codex and convincing the Mor Luin King to pardon Princess of her many crimes. In a surprising twist, Princess and Magar join Max’s team and become good one of the good guys.
During the night, Loki the Snitch sent a pyro pigeon message to Rezormoor telling him about the new developments. In another location, the evil ones including the Head of the Toupee Guild, the Dwarf King high mage, the Kraken, Rezormoor and the Maelshadow discuss the capture of Max and the Codex. They all agreed to send the Mage in her aquatic from to intercept Max and crew outside the port of Dun. Princess and Magar saved the day but were taken by the Mage. The crew made it to Aradye and to the Wizard’s Tower. Loki sent a Fireball to Rezormoor alerting him of Max, after which he and his friends surrendered to the Kraken and were taken inside the Wizards tower. What happened next was exciting, terrifying, gross and had an excellent plot twist, but this book report will not spoil the ending.
This book is exciting and is very unpredictable but in a great way. I would recommend this book to ages 11-12. One of my favorite parts was on pg. 70 “Now that’s what I call a hairy situation” Glenn announced, “Seriously, did you see that orc’s backside?” Overall, the book is very comical and witty and is one of my favorites. I appreciate the fact that the author does not talk down to the reader and shows great character development.

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