Moon Rising: A Book Review by Emmett

Moon Rising by Tui T. Sutherland
The sixth book in the “Wings of Fire” series begins with a shy dragon named moon, who also just happened to be able to read minds and see the future, going to a school called the Jade Academy, the first academy for all types of dragons. At school, she is put in a sleeping cave with a jubilant little rainwing named Kinkajou. She also meets many more friends in both classes and just walking around. Then one night, a strange voice visits her and she doesn’t know who it is. She later finds out that it is Darkstalker, a magical dragon who murdered his father and was put to sleep by magical means and now the arm band that was keeping him asleep is broken. Before he was put to sleep, however, he put all of his power into a scroll so it would not take away some of his soul every time he used magic. When he was put to sleep, he was striped of that scroll, and is now buried deep down under the ground and nobody knows where he is, not even Darkstalker himself. On top of all of that, somebody has been attacking students at the Academy. It turns out that that person was a trusted friend and that it was not her planing with the enemy, but an icewing named Icicle. Not only that, but Icicle killed the trusted friend’s brother, and that trusted friend was just trying to avenge her brother. In the end, moon is tasked with helping Icicle’s brother find his brother and finding the scroll to free Darkstalker.

I like this book because it is full to the brim with action, vocabulary, and dragons. I think this book would be perfect for ages nine to about twelve because there is some pretty gross and gruesome stuff in the books, but is about dragons, so anyone older might think it is a bit childish. A good example of a gruesome bit is on pages one hundred and seventy eight and page one hundred and seventy nine, when there is a huge explosion and two of moon’s friends are killed, while one was badly hurt. Overall, it is a great book, and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.






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