P.S. Be Eleven: A Book Review by Phoebe

P.S. Be Eleven
Book Review
By Phoebe
This is a story about a girl named Delphine. It’s the second book in the One Crazy Summer series. This series is unique. It’s about three sisters who were in Oakland with their Mom. The girls came back from Oakland and they started a new school year. This book mainly focuses on Delphine. The story talks about Delphine’s 6th grade problems and the book talks about her life. This book is about how the Gaither sisters return to Brooklyn and the book talks about how Brooklyn feels a lot different from Oakland which they are used to. Delphine has a lot to worry about: starting sixth grade, being the tallest girl, and dreading her first dance which is at the end of the book. During Delphine’s struggles she confides in her mother by writing letters to her telling her about her day and more. In this book Delphine Gaither gains more independence and learns a lot more. Delphine learns important life lessons and school related lessons. Also this story shows how Delphine and her sisters grow up throughout one school year.
This book is a very good sequel! Of course the first book is always better in the series but this book is outstanding! P.S. Be Eleven has so many good life lessons! P.S. Be Eleven is super unique, descriptive, and it makes you think. When I read this book I felt so many emotions for the characters! At some points I was mad, at some points I was sad, and at some points I was happy. This book makes you emotional. P.S. Be Eleven makes you think about your life and how lucky you are! I would give P.S. Be Eleven 98/100. I would give P.S. Be Eleven that grade because it was a great book but the author could’ve added just tiny bit more description. I would say it’s for eleven olds and up because it discusses subjects. One of the subjects is drugs because the uncle is on drugs. I would recommend it to all my friends, teachers, and adults as a fast read.
Here are some of my favorite quotes:
“Heckle and Jeckle again.” I like that quote because she refers to her two little sisters as Heckle and Jeckle as a nickname. “Every good-bye ain’t gone.” I like that quote because it means that saying goodbye is never the end.

“Decorum…” I think that quote represents the school side of things because the teacher uses the word decorum a lot in the classroom in the book. Those are some small but great quotes from the book!
This book is outstanding! I hope you read P.S. Be Eleven! It’s shocking, funny, and heartfelt!

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