Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky: A Book Review by Sofia

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky
By Sandra Dallas
Review by Sofia G.

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky is a happy and sad book at the same time. There are many hardships the main character, Tomi Itano and her family experience. Tomi and her family are Japanese-Americans. The book takes place during World War ll, when many Japanese-Americans were suspected of helping the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. Almost all were sent to internment camps during the war. Tomi’s father is suspected of spying and is sent to jail. The rest of the Itano family hasd to go to an internment camp called Tallgrass in Colorado. Life is hard for the Itanos; the food isn’t very good, there is always dust blowing around and the shelters get dusty, and most families have little money. Luckily, things get better as the months and years pass. Tomi and her brothers make friends, a school opens up, and a baseball team starts up. The Itanos start to enjoy their life. Finally, Tomi’s father gets released from jail and comes to join his family. But he has lost faith in America. Then, Tomi’s older brother joins the American army, so the Itanos are worried that something might happen to him. Everyone is excited for when the war is over, but it seems like it’s going on forever. Then, it is over and everyone in Tallgrass is happy because they are released from the camp.
I recommend this book to middle school kids and older, because younger people might not understand it or might get scared. I would give Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should definitely read Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky!


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