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Fluff Dragon: A Book Review by Alastair

9:11AM   March 30th, 2018

Fluff Dragon

By Platte F. Clark

Review By Alastair
The book “Fluff Dragon” by Platte F. Clark begins where Bad Unicorn ended. Max, Sarah, Dirk and Dwight defeated Robo-Princess in the future and saved the human race. However, they were still trapped in the future. In this book, Max and his friends meet Obsikar the Dragon King. In exchange for sending them to the present day Magrus, they must save the dragon race by defeating Rezormoor Dreadbringer.
Obsikar sent them to the Magrus where they landed in an Orc camp. Max is ordered to make Orc mittens to save his friends from becoming dinner. Max recovers the Codex he lost in the first book but it is acting strangely. At the camp Max meets Puff a fluff dragon who appears that way because his dragon scales were turned inside out. Meanwhile, Rezormoor Dreadbringer has captured Ricky the Kraken and ordered him to capture all fluff dragons. There is a reason for his madness. Rezormoor has a side deal with the powerful Guild of Toupee Makers to gather fluff dragons to make toupees for vain sorcerers and wizards like himself.
Back at the camp, Max cannot get the Codex to work and tell him how to make mittens, so he and his friends are doomed. Instead, Max makes a daring escape and everyone, including Puff, escaped in search of the Ancient One. In another land, two fire kittens named Loki and Moki are on a quest to find Max and trade him in to Rezormoor for money. During their journey the are launched into the town of Oneg by Princess and were locked in a dungeon. There they befriend Tiny, a little giant who helps them escape after which they travel to the Guild of Indiscriminate Teleportation to travel to Shyr’el to find Max.
Max and his friends meet the Ancient One, Bellstro the good wizard, who explains how to fix the Codex by getting it to the Wizard’s Tower for a reset. Just when they were about to learn more about the book, they were attacked by Maelshadow’s fierce necromancer skeletons. Bellstro helped them fight the necromancers but they caught up with them and they almost got caught. Luckily, Dirk saved them by turning the forest into silver because he had secretly drunk one of Bellstro’s potions. Bellstro dies from the strain of the conflict and gave Max a list of the Codex 15 Prime Spells. Max and his friends are led by Dwight to the Dwarven Nation and the town of He’ilk. On the way there they got rest, food and supplies and saved some knights who were losing a dragon fight. They told the knights and the dragon about Obsikar and of the bleak future and take knights Prince Connall and his subordinate with them.
Meanwhile, the Kraken brought Rezormoor two fluff dragons. We also learn of Dreadbringer’s plans to corner the toupee business, fund his own army, break free from the Maelshadow and control all the realms. Rezormoor is also secretly killing regular dragons, too. He wants to fashion their serpent’s escutcheon into an indestructible armor, but he needs to obtain the Codex and Max to do it. Princess is still hunting Max as well.
Max and his friends meet and partner with Loki and Moki, just as they had planned. Dwight is caught and prosecuted for using a fake beard but escapes punishment by selling Max and the group out to the Dwarf King. Dwight restored his own honor by returning the Codex to the dwarfs and allows the Dwarf King to lock up the Codex in the dwarven vaults. The potion Dirk drank lets him conjures up an online game character Ratticus the Thief to help them steal the Codex back without Dwight’s knowledge. In the vault they encounter a probability lock which is a fake lock to trick the thief into thinking there is a pattern that doesn’t really exist. Moki’s empty mind helps them complete the task and Tiny the little giant helps them recover the Codex. During that adventure, the Dwarf King’s high mage turns into her aquatic from and slips away to tell Rezormoor about Max and the returned Codex. Meanwhile, Max and friends are on the run from the Dwarf King’s army who discovered the theft of the Codex. The escapees are confronted by Prince Connal’s dad, the Mor Luin King and Princess with Magar. Ultimately, Sarah saves the day by having Max discharge the dwarfs of their duty to guard the Codex and convincing the Mor Luin King to pardon Princess of her many crimes. In a surprising twist, Princess and Magar join Max’s team and become good one of the good guys.
During the night, Loki the Snitch sent a pyro pigeon message to Rezormoor telling him about the new developments. In another location, the evil ones including the Head of the Toupee Guild, the Dwarf King high mage, the Kraken, Rezormoor and the Maelshadow discuss the capture of Max and the Codex. They all agreed to send the Mage in her aquatic from to intercept Max and crew outside the port of Dun. Princess and Magar saved the day but were taken by the Mage. The crew made it to Aradye and to the Wizard’s Tower. Loki sent a Fireball to Rezormoor alerting him of Max, after which he and his friends surrendered to the Kraken and were taken inside the Wizards tower. What happened next was exciting, terrifying, gross and had an excellent plot twist, but this book report will not spoil the ending.
This book is exciting and is very unpredictable but in a great way. I would recommend this book to ages 11-12. One of my favorite parts was on pg. 70 “Now that’s what I call a hairy situation” Glenn announced, “Seriously, did you see that orc’s backside?” Overall, the book is very comical and witty and is one of my favorites. I appreciate the fact that the author does not talk down to the reader and shows great character development.

Hidden Figures: A Book Review by May

9:09AM   March 30th, 2018

Hidden Figures
By Margot Lee Shetterly


In the spring of 1943, world war II was in full swing. This is when women were starting to get hired for jobs that only men did. At the time NACA (or Langley) was hiring. They wanted human computers. Computers were in the lowest position, so they were smart white women who were good at math. The reason there were human computers instead of computers, was that computers were not invented yet. There was a shortage of human computers, so NACA started hiring smart black women. The black women were then placed in the west area. Dorothy Vaughan was one of these human computers. She worked very hard in school and graduated college with many teachers recommending her for graduate school. Her parents couldn’t afford it so Dorothy went to teach. All the schools started to close so she went to work for NACA. Another Computer was Mary Jackson. Mary Jackson was a women who did things her own way. In 1951, she also went to work at NACA. Mary Jackson turned out to be a star engineer. Lastly, we have Katherine Globe. She excelled in school and graduated high school at only age 14. She was a teacher and just like Dorothy, schools started closing. Katherine started to work at NACA. These women formed a tight bond along with other human computers. Read Hidden figures to learn how these three women and many more helped send the first people to space.

I think that Hidden figures is a very interesting book. It is very factual and I learned a lot. It has more information than the movie, which originated off the book. I think Margot Lee Shetterly did a wonderful job with Hidden Figures.



I recommend this book to people who love non-fiction. It is also a good book for people who love to learn about world war II, African american lives in a very segregated world, and what it was like to work at NACA. Hidden figures is a very factual book with interesting historical pictures.



“Her country needed her, and she was ready and eager to do her part to support the war effort and her family.”
“The work of most women was anonymous.”
“Nobody understood the risks of space flight better than astronaut John Glenn.”
“Reduce your household duties! Women who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the jobs previously filled by men should call the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory.”
“At Langley, the boundaries were fuzzy.”



Moon Rising: A Book Review by Emmett

9:07AM   March 30th, 2018

Moon Rising by Tui T. Sutherland
The sixth book in the “Wings of Fire” series begins with a shy dragon named moon, who also just happened to be able to read minds and see the future, going to a school called the Jade Academy, the first academy for all types of dragons. At school, she is put in a sleeping cave with a jubilant little rainwing named Kinkajou. She also meets many more friends in both classes and just walking around. Then one night, a strange voice visits her and she doesn’t know who it is. She later finds out that it is Darkstalker, a magical dragon who murdered his father and was put to sleep by magical means and now the arm band that was keeping him asleep is broken. Before he was put to sleep, however, he put all of his power into a scroll so it would not take away some of his soul every time he used magic. When he was put to sleep, he was striped of that scroll, and is now buried deep down under the ground and nobody knows where he is, not even Darkstalker himself. On top of all of that, somebody has been attacking students at the Academy. It turns out that that person was a trusted friend and that it was not her planing with the enemy, but an icewing named Icicle. Not only that, but Icicle killed the trusted friend’s brother, and that trusted friend was just trying to avenge her brother. In the end, moon is tasked with helping Icicle’s brother find his brother and finding the scroll to free Darkstalker.

I like this book because it is full to the brim with action, vocabulary, and dragons. I think this book would be perfect for ages nine to about twelve because there is some pretty gross and gruesome stuff in the books, but is about dragons, so anyone older might think it is a bit childish. A good example of a gruesome bit is on pages one hundred and seventy eight and page one hundred and seventy nine, when there is a huge explosion and two of moon’s friends are killed, while one was badly hurt. Overall, it is a great book, and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.






P.S. Be Eleven: A Book Review by Phoebe

9:05AM   March 30th, 2018

P.S. Be Eleven
Book Review
By Phoebe
This is a story about a girl named Delphine. It’s the second book in the One Crazy Summer series. This series is unique. It’s about three sisters who were in Oakland with their Mom. The girls came back from Oakland and they started a new school year. This book mainly focuses on Delphine. The story talks about Delphine’s 6th grade problems and the book talks about her life. This book is about how the Gaither sisters return to Brooklyn and the book talks about how Brooklyn feels a lot different from Oakland which they are used to. Delphine has a lot to worry about: starting sixth grade, being the tallest girl, and dreading her first dance which is at the end of the book. During Delphine’s struggles she confides in her mother by writing letters to her telling her about her day and more. In this book Delphine Gaither gains more independence and learns a lot more. Delphine learns important life lessons and school related lessons. Also this story shows how Delphine and her sisters grow up throughout one school year.
This book is a very good sequel! Of course the first book is always better in the series but this book is outstanding! P.S. Be Eleven has so many good life lessons! P.S. Be Eleven is super unique, descriptive, and it makes you think. When I read this book I felt so many emotions for the characters! At some points I was mad, at some points I was sad, and at some points I was happy. This book makes you emotional. P.S. Be Eleven makes you think about your life and how lucky you are! I would give P.S. Be Eleven 98/100. I would give P.S. Be Eleven that grade because it was a great book but the author could’ve added just tiny bit more description. I would say it’s for eleven olds and up because it discusses subjects. One of the subjects is drugs because the uncle is on drugs. I would recommend it to all my friends, teachers, and adults as a fast read.
Here are some of my favorite quotes:
“Heckle and Jeckle again.” I like that quote because she refers to her two little sisters as Heckle and Jeckle as a nickname. “Every good-bye ain’t gone.” I like that quote because it means that saying goodbye is never the end.

“Decorum…” I think that quote represents the school side of things because the teacher uses the word decorum a lot in the classroom in the book. Those are some small but great quotes from the book!
This book is outstanding! I hope you read P.S. Be Eleven! It’s shocking, funny, and heartfelt!

Counting by 7s: A Book Review by Reagan

9:02AM   March 30th, 2018

Counting By 7’s

By Holly Goldberg Sloan


Counting by 7’s by Holly Goldberg Sloan is a book about a girl named Willow who is 12. Willow isn’t like a typical tween, she is a genious who is obsessed with a lot of things. Willow likes to do things on her own because she doesn’t reall have a family to talk because she is adopted. Willow went thorugh a tough time after her parents died in a tragic car accident. It left her in distraught. Willow had to learn how to cheer her up. She doesn’t really have a strong relationship with her parents so she likes to keep to herself. Willow is very obsessed with nature and learning about bad conditions that people have. You have to find out the great thing that happens in the end of the book. It has something to do with her family.
I really like Counting by 7’s because it kinda relates to me. The reason why it relates to me is because I am 12 and I like to do things on my own like Willow. Another reason why I like the book is because it has action and I really like stories with action. I like how you can get different emotions by reading one story. You can feel happy, sad,amazed, surprised and I really like that about the book. I really like the style of the story and what it’s about. The last reason why I really liked Counting by 7’s was because it is very inspiring. It inspires you to just appreciate what you have and to not take life for granted.
I would recommend this story to people who like a lot of action and sadness. The book isn’t very sad but it can make you pretty emotional. I would also recommend the story to people who like surprises. The reason why is because there is a surprise at the end of the story in Counting by 7’s. I would also recommend this story to people who like fairly long but pretty short books. The last reason why I would recommend Counting by 7’s is to people who really like plot twists. There is a pretty big plot twist in the story.
A quote or phrase that I really liked was “The ability to keep your mouth shut is usually a sign of intelligence.” I really liked that quote was because I like how it talks about intelligence. Another reason I liked it was because it talked about having a closed mouth and usually people think when you have a closed mouth thinks that there is something wrong, but in this case it was good to have a closed mouth.

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky: A Book Review by Sofia

9:00AM   March 30th, 2018

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky
By Sandra Dallas
Review by Sofia G.

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky is a happy and sad book at the same time. There are many hardships the main character, Tomi Itano and her family experience. Tomi and her family are Japanese-Americans. The book takes place during World War ll, when many Japanese-Americans were suspected of helping the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. Almost all were sent to internment camps during the war. Tomi’s father is suspected of spying and is sent to jail. The rest of the Itano family hasd to go to an internment camp called Tallgrass in Colorado. Life is hard for the Itanos; the food isn’t very good, there is always dust blowing around and the shelters get dusty, and most families have little money. Luckily, things get better as the months and years pass. Tomi and her brothers make friends, a school opens up, and a baseball team starts up. The Itanos start to enjoy their life. Finally, Tomi’s father gets released from jail and comes to join his family. But he has lost faith in America. Then, Tomi’s older brother joins the American army, so the Itanos are worried that something might happen to him. Everyone is excited for when the war is over, but it seems like it’s going on forever. Then, it is over and everyone in Tallgrass is happy because they are released from the camp.
I recommend this book to middle school kids and older, because younger people might not understand it or might get scared. I would give Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should definitely read Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky!


A Book Review by Elle: Big Game by Stuart Gibbs

2:40PM   November 7th, 2017

Big Game by Stuart Gibbs
A Book Review by Elle Hayes

Big Game is a book about a 13 year old named Teddy who solves mysteries. He lives in a popular zoo in Texas called FunJungle with his mom, a gorilla researcher, and his dad, an animal photographer. Someone tries to shoot at one of their rhinos, and it is Teddy’s job to investigate and solve the case with the owner of the zoo’s daughter, Summer.

I liked this book because it has mystery and action in it and this book has a lot of detail. I also like animals and the book takes place in a zoo.

This book is long, so if you don’t like reading long books I don’t recommend it for you. But if you like reading books often, I suggest this book! Also, if you like solving mysteries, this book is perfect for you!

One phrase that goes with the overview of the story is, “I was helping walk the elephants when we all heard the rifle go off,” found on page 1.




A Book Review by Reagan: Everything, Everything by Yoon

2:38PM   November 7th, 2017

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
A Book Review by Reagan

Everything, Everything is a great novel that is about a girl named Maddy. You may think that Maddy is just your average 18 year old girl, but she actually isn’t. Maddy has severe combined immunodeficiency which means that her body is very weak to her immune system.That pretty much means that she is allergic to the world. If you want to find out if Maddy is actually allergic to the world or if she goes outside, then you’ll have to read the book.

Everything, Everything is my all time favorite book because it makes you feel like the real world today. It is very very detailed, and it’s very very realistic. Another reason why I love Everything, Everything is because it is a little bit inspiring. The reason why I think that is because it’s a book where Maddy takes risks, and I think that everyone should take risks. The last reason why I love this book is because it is pretty funny. I think that it is funny when the book shows the funny conversations that Maddy and Olly( Maddy’s neighbor) have.

I would definitely recommend this book to people who love realistic stories. I would also recommend this book to people who love surprises. Lastly, I would also recommend this book to people who like comedy books. I would think that people who like realistic stories would love Everything, Everything because it is very real and it is very sudden. I would also recommend this book to people who like surprises because there are a few surprises in the book that I’m not gonna share. They could either be good surprises or bad surprises. Lastly I would recommend this book to people who like a little laughter because the book has a few interesting and funny parts.

Some pages that you’ll find interesting are pages 42-56. The reason why I think that is because it shows Maddy and Olly’s conversations that can get pretty funny. Some other pages that people might find surprising or interesting are pages 234-239. The reason why those pages are interesting are because the book talks about some things that happen to Maddy that you’ll have to read.
Some great quotes that I found inspiring and amazing were Life is a gift,The greatest risk is not taking one, and Live life in a bubble or risk everything for love. The first quote that I really really liked was “Life is a gift,” and the reason why I really like that quote is because you should be happy that you have a life.The second quote that I really liked was “The greatest risk is not taking one,” and the reason why I like that is because if you’re taking risks they may not be good risks so if you don’t take any risk that might be a good thing because sometimes it might turn out bad. The last quote that I really like was “Live life in a bubble or or risk everything for love,” and the reason why that quote was so outstanding was because it meant a lot. Another reason why I really really loved that quote is because if you’re living life in a bubble you’re not really opening out.

A Book Review by Sofia: Percy Jackson – The Mark of Athena by Riordan

9:19AM   November 3rd, 2017

Percy Jackson-The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
Review by Sofia

The Mark of Athena is an action-packed, exciting read. If you like Harry Potter, you will like the Percy Jackson series. The series are about Greek and Roman mythology, but with a modern twist.

The theme of The Mark of Athena is friendship and trust, as the main characters have to work together to fight the Earth Mother, Gaea. Gaea is no Mother Nature. She is evil, and her children, the Giants are evil, too. The main character is Annabeth, and she is the daughter of Athena, a goddess. Athena told Annabeth, “ Follow the Mark of Athena. Avenge me.” She must go on a quest to find a sacred statue of her mother. Meanwhile, the other main character, Percy Jackson, leads another quest to open the Doors of Death. If they open the Doors, monsters that they defeat will go back to the Underworld, and they won’t re-form again. The problem is, Gaea’s army is guarding the Doors. Can they open the Doors of Death? Will Annabeth survive her quest?

I liked The Mark of Athena because it is greatly exciting and will keep the reader busy for hours. The storyline is interesting and well-thought out. I recommend this book for middle school kids to adults. I hope you read The Mark of Athena!

A Book Review by Phoebe: Everything, Everything by Nicole Yoon

9:16AM   November 3rd, 2017

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

A Book Review by Phoebe

The book I chose to review on is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. The whole idea of the book is romance and sickness. One of the main character’s named Maddy has a rare immune system disease called SCID. She had never left the house ever since she was a baby. When Maddy was a baby the disease started with an ear infection and then more symptoms started coming. She went to the doctor. I can’t tell you the rest you have to read the book to find out what happens at the doctor. One of the main ideas in this book is romance. A new family moved in next door. In a few weeks she and Olly (a boy neighbor) fell in love. Read the book to find out what happens.

I liked Everything, Everything. There was one big plot twist in the end that I was happy about. One of the main characters named Maddy does spoiler alerts and book reviews on her favorite books. I love all the details, sketches, and everything about this book. All the little details pull the whole story together. I also like how the author shows different point of views in different ways. She refers to a lot of science related ideas in her books which I love.

I would recommend this to teachers at school, friends, and family. I would recommend Everything, Everything to anyone really. It’s a great book and anyone would love Everything, Everything. I would recommend it because it’s a touching story, and it’s descriptive. Also the pictures make the whole story get pulled together. This is the best book I have ever read in my whole life.

One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Everything is a risk…’ That quote represents the book because everything is a risk for Maddy. Another quote is, ‘Life is a gift…’ Marta, Maddie’s maid and nurse told her this. She told Maddy to encourage her to take risks. Those are the two biggest quotes from the book and they are both my favorite quotes from the book too.
That’s my review on Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Everything, Everything!