Sixth Grade Humanities

Sixth grade humanities classes include religion, social studies, and English; a wonderfully integrated program designed to help students make a successful transition from lower school to middle school. Providing students with a “home base” for three core subject areas, Villa’s humanities program offers a balance of in-class projects, research, technology, writing, and class discussions.


The religion program promotes a personal and active faith in God. Each student is encouraged to develop his or her ability to reflect on his/her relationship with self, God, and others. The sanctity and respect of self, based on a student’s appreciation of his or her gifts and talents and relationship with family and God, are fundamental to all relationships. Religion class offers opportunities for students to learn about the relationship with God and others through the Catholic tradition and Cabrinian spirituality. Personal and communal prayer, liturgical celebrations, retreats, and community service activities provide opportunities for the students to act upon their faith. In addition to class and school wide service opportunities, students are expected to fulfill nine hours of community service each trimester. There will be in-class opportunities to fulfill some of the community service requirement. Other examples of community service at home might be helping a neighbor, earning money for chores and donating the money to a charity, working at a food bank or other local organization that helps people in need. The focus of the sixth grade religion program is a study of the Old Testament and its themes – revelation and covenant, exodus and delivery, the kingdom of Israel, the Prophets, exile and reconciliation, and God’s promises. Through investigation of these themes, and activities connecting biblical characters to people today, the students learn about Scripture and the Christian tradition, as well as the link between the people of the Old and the New Testament. Discussion centers on the way we choose to live our lives in relation to God and our neighbors and how we can demonstrate our understanding of the Catholic Social Teachings.

Social Studies

Social Studies provides an exciting introduction to elements of ancient cultures and the history of the world. The year begins with an overview and review of world geography terms and skills.  We map the Middle East to bridge the present day countries and events to the history of the land. Our studies of the Old Testament in religion class are aligned with these same peoples and time periods. We study Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome and connect these cultures to each other and to our own. Historical eras of focus are the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Age of Revolutions. Discovering Our Past, A History of the World is the key textual resource for the class with a variety of supplemental resources. Students also demonstrate knowledge of historical eras through project based learning activities.


Villa Academy embraces The Six Traits Plus One model of writing, K-8, a model that focuses on six traits of writing competency: 1) Organization and Ideas 2) Content 3) Voice 4) Word Choice 5) Sentence Fluency 6) Conventions, and the Skill of Presentation. A process approach to written work is used, providing students with steps to take them through pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing stages to a final writing sample. Using novels as well as the Prentice Hall Literature Anthology and Writing & Grammar series as a foundation, students enjoy ample opportunities to write for different purposes in a variety of styles: descriptive, expository, narrative, persuasive, comparative and cause/effect. Writing mechanics, grammar and vocabulary building are emphasized throughout the writing process. Through the use of the literature anthology and selected novels, the English program promotes the development of critical reading and analytical skills. The program affords the students a rich and varied offering of literature including classic and contemporary titles. Opportunities are provided for reflection and discussion of the aesthetics and meaning of literature relative to individual and universal themes. Vocabulary development, exposure to different cultures and literary genres, and an opportunity to examine interesting and complex issues and challenges embedded in literature are hallmarks of Villa Academy’s Middle School program. Sixth grade students are also expected to maintain an active reading program at home. Students will create a reading schedule to fit his or her time commitments outside of school and will be encouraged to select novels based on interest and appropriate reading levels. Sixth grade students will develop strong oral presentation skills as a component of being an effective communicator. In all classes, the students enjoy opportunities to discuss, describe, and present as individual speakers or in small groups. Through speeches, oral readings, panel presentations, and class discussions, the students become comfortable with and proficient in speaking publicly. Students will also integrate technology as a support for presentations; knowing how to speak and use multimedia simultaneously and effectively is a focus of the Middle School program.

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